Contemporary House, County Antrim


Our latest residential project, situated in Co. Antrim with beautiful views over Belfast Lough, is home to a young family who’s design brief was to craft a contemporary living environment.

This living space was fully renovated from designing bespoke cabinetry and furniture to the window treatments and hardwood floor, elevating everyday living whilst creating both a beautiful and liveable space.

A bespoke media unit seamlessly blends form and function, offering ample storage with its combination of sleek black and natural wood finishes. The slatted wood detailing and textured wallpaper in muted earthy tones adds a tactile element, enhancing the room’s visual interest whilst maintaining a cohesive feel.

The simplicity of this contemporary design meets the warmth of natural textures and neutral tones epitomises understated elegance and refined minimalism. Detail is then layered with soft furnishings, accessories and cool contemporary lighting which compliment the calm and inviting atmosphere, which our clients love to escape to on an evening.

Master Bedroom

Our clients required additional storage in this master bedroom. As it is situated in the eaves of the house, we needed to create a solution that enhanced the space rather than overpowering it. The bespoke cabinetry includes bedsides, a chest of drawers, a radiator cover, and a single wardrobe, all in stained oak.

The room’s clever use of space is also highlighted by the bespoke built-in desk area, seamlessly integrated beneath the dormer window. This bedroom exudes a sense of tranquility, seamlessly blending contemporary design with timeless comfort. The muted wall covering creates a relaxed atmosphere, complimented by earthy tones and textured patterns.

Snug / Family Room

We designed this space with the whole family in mind, creating a colourful and vibrant space to hang out together. The striking teal walls envelop the space in rich, calming tones with natural light flooding the area through sliding glass doors that blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. The bespoke furniture is a perfect blend of comfort and style, paired with playful patterns adding depth, texture and personality.

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